Sunday, September 14, 2008

New York City!!???!!!!

Hello friends!! Under very unexpected circumstances, I'm in New York City from today until next Sunday, Sept 21. I'm trying my best to book a show while I'm here. It's very short notice, however, and I'm having some trouble locking one down. If you live here in NYC, and you could help me get a show, or if you and you're friends could gather some people at some random location where I won't be arrested, I'd love to play for you guys. Message me on the myspace and let me know. It'll be a fun, and I'll tell you the story of why I'm here. I can't post it on the mom reads this stuff sometimes.


P.S.--keep checking back because I might be able to book a show on my own too. If so, I'll post it in a blink.


alicia hart said...

so did you ever end up booking a show in NYC?

Eryn said...

Ouch. That was really good. But I'm kinda glad I didn't have access to that particular piece of music around the time of my last break-up.