Sunday, June 29, 2008

Live Radio Show Monday, June 30th

Go to and listen to me and heidi play at 5pm(CST). peace.

New Full-Length coming out early Fall

That's right. Instead of an e.p., I've decided to go ahead and record a few more things and put out a brand new full length record. It's really exciting. Like Kevin Garnett, I'm so hyped right now. I'm going to finish it the second I get back to Austin after Chicago, and then release it on my own as soon as I can after that. It's time. Awesome, right?

The road is going well right now. We are playing to many more people than we expected in all the different cities. We've slept on the floors of strangers' houses. We've had sing-alongs galore. The urban outfitters in Bloomington is definitely spinning the baby bleu e.p. Word up. We're playing an extra show tonight in Indianapolis at a house party, so that is gonna be awesome. We're in Chicago on monday playing an internet radio station at 5pm (central standard). It's called fearless radio. Just go to on monday at 5pm (central) and you'll hear it. That's all for now. Keep writing me. It cheers Heidi and me up to hear from you guys. Miss you, Austin. Miss you, doodlebug. I'll be posting pictures soon from all the adventures. Keep checking for updates. Love.